Easy and quickly online


SpotOn allows your customers to quickly and comfortably signingin on your Wi-Fi network by meansof an opening screen of your choice. Your customer can go online and you enter a world of opportunities to reach your customers.

I want a good WiFi network

"I use different software but the SpotOn WiFi platform is the most user-friendly platform I've been working with so far. SpotOn has met our expectations and provided our guests with a great ease of use."

Dad Joe
Jorn Steenhuis, Company Leader

Get to know your customers better!


SpotOn providesyour insight into the background, preferences and visiting patterns of your visitors. This way you will get to know them better and you can better serve them. This helps to increase satisfaction and to create a perfect image.

I want to get to know my customers better

"After comparing different Wi-Fi solutions, like Sowifi, I can confidently say SpotOn WiFi provides the best solutions that cater to our needs as catering entrepreneurs."

Restaurant Benz
Shirin Saberi, Owner

More positive online reviews


You only matter when people talk about you. SpotOn allows you to measure your customer satisfaction, boost positive reviews and intercept negative reviews for sites like Iens, Tripadvisor, and Google, for example.

I want more positive online reviews

"Due to the data we collect and the connection we have with the customer, we now know much better who our customers. This allows us to distribute targeted offers. In doing so we become increasingly smarter and make it more fun for our customers."

Yankee Doodle
Watze Wierda, Owner

Convert your customers to loyal customers


As SpotOn helps you to get to know your customer better, you can easily and effectively launch targeted coupon and email campaigns. Filtering simply depends on age, gender, number of visits or, for example birthdays. A gift voucher for your birthday, a high tea special for those over 50 years old or an added bonus for returning hotel guests. Fully automatic!

I want loyal customers

"SpotOn WiFi offers new opportunities for attracting more customers into the store. We're getting to know our customers better and can make them relevant offers"

Rob de Boer, Owner

Connecting customers via social media


With SpotOn, social media becomes really valuable to your business. Asking visitors for a Facebook like when logging in will immediately establish a connection. This offers countless new marketing opportunities!

I want more followers on social media

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